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”It was like having a map in a complex labyrinth - suddenly, everything began to make more sense”


We believe that by providing up-to-date knowledge we can ensure our students' competitiveness in the labor market. That's why, during our courses, leading developers and recognized experts share their practical experiences with our students on several occasions. James Tang, the software developer at SEON is also one of these experts.

James Tang built his IT career at Green Fox. He primarily worked in the banking sector as a corporate account manager. He has always been drawn to designing digital experiences and systems. When he discovered our Junior developer course, he was thrilled to pursue his childhood dream and switch to IT career. It has been 4.5 years since then, and he now works as a developer at one of the most successful fintech startup companies, SEON. SEON develops fraud prevention systems capable of detecting potential fraud in various online transactions. At our upcoming course, you will also have the opportunity to meet him during the presentations on the topic of Design Patterns. We asked him about this field and his IT career path, among other things.

What is your main field of expertise?

I'm a web developer, specializing more in the front-end side of things. I work on a wide range of projects, from creating fancy web applications with lots of data to building customizable web components that follow a design system. Sometimes, I simply create straightforward website pages to showcase products and their features to the world. It's a pretty diverse field, and I enjoy the mix of complexity and creativity it offers.

What do you like the most about your field?

It is all about versatility. Web development offers great flexibility in terms of the projects you can work on and the industries you can explore. You can contribute your skills to a wide range of sectors. The fast-evolving technology landscape also keeps you engaged in self-development. This versatility keeps things exciting and ensures that every project brings its unique set of challenges and opportunities.

Can you recall how your IT career started? What is your position now?

It all began at Green Fox 4.5 years ago, where I acquired the essential foundations. After the course, I landed a job as a junior software developer at a multinational investment company in Budapest, where I made significant progress. My first project was quite interesting because it dealt with complex data structures and had some fancy features like multi-level filtering. For instance, we had to ensure that the application worked smoothly in different regions and languages. However, the real challenge was dealing with existing code that needed to be transformed. I experienced what it's like to improve and maintain existing code and also deepened my understanding of reactive programming and more intricate state management patterns.

Currently, I am working as a software developer at SEON, which provides online fraud prevention solutions to its clients. My tasks here are quite diverse. Besides working on the company's website, I handle customer data management and billing solutions, among other things. Our next exciting project involves making the website more customizable through a Content Management System (CMS).

In your opinion, what is the most important thing a junior should know?

It was not easy for me to switch from customer management to IT, but I was determined to learn and grow in this fascinating field. Green Fox helped me find the correct path forward. I immersed myself in coding languages, explored frameworks and libraries, and embraced the challenges that came my way.

I think the most important thing a junior developer should know is to adopt a growth mindset. It means understanding that your abilities and skills can be developed and improved through dedication, hard work, and continuous learning. Green Fox gives people a momentum in this, and it is crucial that they keep it while going forward, always be curious about the whys and the hows, and always try different angles and push the limit, the reward could be unbelievable.

Why did you choose Design Patterns as the main topic of your presentation/lightning talk?

In my journey as a developer, I have found that as I deepened my understanding of design patterns, I was able to quickly find my way around massive code bases and offer solutions that saved us buckets of time down the line. It was like having a map in a complex labyrinth - suddenly, everything began to make more sense.

And then, there were those unforgettable times when I was tasked with untangling legacy codebases. Trust me, wrestling with messy code can be as fun as a root canal. I remember thinking how the past contributors must've had a strange sense of humor to leave such a convoluted mess behind. I vowed then and there not to be "that guy" - I didn't want my code to be the reason someone pulled their hair out in frustration. So, unless you subscribe to the idea that being widely loathed will somehow extend your lifespan, I would say taking design patterns seriously is a pretty good idea. You never know who might have to read your code in the future. You wouldn't want to be remembered as the author of "that dreadful code," now would you? :)

Why do you think this topic is important?

Learning about design patterns is an ongoing process throughout a developer's career. It's never too early to start and no matter how advanced you are, there's always more to learn. Being actively aware and continuously learning about design patterns is not just beneficial for you but also for your fellow developers. Design patterns enable you to structure your code in a way easily understood by most developers. It also saves you from the confusion when you revisit your own code after a few months, trying to understand why you wrote something in a certain way.

Simply put, understanding design patterns is a powerful tool that boosts your professional growth. It's a fundamental skill that enhances collaboration within your team and helps in reducing technical debt. This is why it's essential for developers at all stages to dedicate time to learn and apply design patterns in their work.

Why is it a good opportunity for you as an expert to hold a lightening talk for Green Fox students?

Sharing my knowledge and being able to give something back to the community are important values for me. Teaching what one knows is often regarded as one of the best ways to reinforce that knowledge. As I am still on my own journey in the field of IT and have much to learn, sharing what I know so far is not just beneficial for those who listen, but for me as well. It allows me to revisit, reassess, and reinforce my current understanding. Additionally, I find it exciting to connect with those who are currently in the position where I once was, experiencing the same passion, enthusiasm, and possible fears that I also went through.

As a former student, how do you see the added benefits of having active experts share their experiences with them in one-on-one lectures?

Uncertainty about the future is a significant source of anxiety for many individuals, particularly for students navigating their educational journeys and anticipating professional careers. During my study in Green Fox, I noticed that students with personal connections to professionals in the development field – be it through family or close friends – generally demonstrated higher levels of confidence and clarity in terms of their career objectives and aspirations. Here, lightning talks could provide students with a tangible connection to the professional world, allowing them to form a clearer understanding and vision of industry expectations and opportunities. Furthermore, my engagement serves as real-world testaments to the potential for Green Fox alumni to succeed and excel in the IT sector.

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