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Company-specific knowledge with professionals who are ready to join a project immediately


The lack of professionals in the IT sector has clearly become one of the biggest challenges in the labour market. In this situation, solutions tailor-made for a company’s needs are gaining ground. The corporate bootcamp is a training specifically designed to meet a company's needs and expectations. Its graduates are professionals who are ready to join a project immediately. Now we explain the practical operation and the advantages through the example of our co-operation with Lufthansa Systems Hungária.

Lufthansa Systems Hungária launched its IT Young Professional programme in 2012 for IT professionals who are at the beginning of their careers. Since then, the improvement of the efficiency of the programme, as well as the incorporation of a practice-oriented vision have become more important. The company was impressed by the teaching methodology used at Green Fox's courses, so they commissioned Green Fox with the implementation of a practical vision that focuses on practice. 

All-round support

The course means the development of a demo project, while using an experiential and agile approach. The task is provided each year by Lufthansa Systems Hungária. This means that participants learn by solving real-world situtions. At the same time, the company gets new solutions. Some of the solutions from previous courses have already been incorporated into the company’s services.

Mentors of Green Fox are also involved in the selection process. These mentors facilitate the presentation of demo tasks, and they also evaluate the participants during the course.

“From the very first moment of the co-operation, we thought about an end-to-end solution. We received all the support we needed from Green Fox, from the professional mentors to a programme coordinator”

said Róbert Horváth, Employee Manager of Lufthansa Systems Hungária, leader of the IT Young Professional programme.

Perfect match

The participants' profiles, progress diaries and performance are continuously monitored by the staff of Lufthansa Systems Hungária, and feedbacks from mentors are taken into consideration when future job roles are assigned. This ensures that the skills of a participant are thoroughly assessed and the best possible team is selected for them. The skills of participants are usually explored so thoroughly during the course that no subsequent team modifications are necessary.

Specific knowledge, quick integration

“The main advantage of working with Green Fox Academy for us is clearly the company-specific knowledge that the graduates have. After the two-month programme the graduates can integrate quickly and effectively into the organisation”

summarised Róbert Horváth.

The company also benefits from the strong bonds that participants of the IT Young Professional programme form while they learn the skills needed for teamwork. Mentors of Green Fox Academy have several years of experience so they are able to take the burden off the shoulders of Lufthansa Systems Hungária during the preparation phase.

The co-operation in numbers

  • Continuous co-operation since 2016 
  • 10–15 Young Professionals per year 
  • A total of 102 Young Professionals, 55% of them still working at the company

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