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Employee training is one of the keys to your company's success


Besides challenges, the changes in the industry brought about by technological trends also present opportunities for companies to increase their revenue streams. However, if they want to stay ahead, organisations must keep pace with evolving technology, and their employees must have the necessary skills.

Technology affects each department in the company, from HR to marketing, from customer service to finance. If a company does not take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalisation, it may lose its competitive edge. Meanwhile, the retention of employees with valuable professional skills is a huge challenge all over the world. Skilled employees might be the main drivers of innovation, automation and digitalisation, so companies cannot afford to delay. 

But the current digital skills and roles of employees may vary widely. At this point a corporate bootcamp can both provide tailored training for the existing workforce and support the recruitment of new employees (even a higher number of them) with the proper IT skills.

 “Due to the significant labour shortage in the IT market, attracting and retaining talents is one of the key factors. And training is playing an increasingly important role here. A course tailored specifically to a company's needs guarantees not only a unique knowledge base but also a team ready to join a project immediately”

explains Anita Fachs, the managing director in charge of corporate services at Green Fox.

Talent pool with special skills

IT challenges often require complex, cross-cutting knowledge. If you want to fill such vacancies, a course with a corporate partner is a highly effective and targeted solution. In addition to a customised syllabus, certain parameters may be defined at the announcement of the course and during the recruitment process to accelerate the search for qualified applicants. Moreover, the corporate partner is actively present during the course. This gives them the opportunity to get to know the students while their own capacities are not used up by the training and mentoring of new professionals. 

Real business challenges, fresh solutions

Lufthansa Systems Hungária wanted to renew its internal programme with a more practical educational model. The IT Young Professional programme was launched specifically for IT professionals at the beginning of their careers. Then the programme has been further developed by Green Fox experts with an agile approach and a mentor-based methodology to meet the needs of the company. 

With this renewed programme, the company may offer a course to its potential employees where:

  • Participants learn by solving real-world problems and receive continuous feedback from their prospective customers on their developments.
  • Skills of the participants are thoroughly assessed to select the best possible team for them, making their integration easier.
  • Mentors are involved in the selection process to validate the opinions of an external expert.
  • Strong bonds are formed between teams while they acquire the skills needed to work as a team.

Upskilling and reskilling

Research proved there is a direct link between company training and employees' commitment. The training or retraining of existing colleagues clearly shows the company's commitment to retaining their loyal and valuable employees and also helps to reduce turnover. This is why it is worth treating employee training as a business investment that supports profitability over the years and has well-defined performance indicators. However, it is essential to know the exact business needs and to design a training programme that best fits them.

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Anita Fachs
General Director / Head of B2B
Anita has many years of experience in marketing and account management, both on regional and global levels. She joined Green Fox Academy in the summer of 2020 as head of the Hungarian team, then became the Head of B2B. She is responsible for the operation of education and upskilling-reskilling services. In her work, she pays great attention to the continuous development of the bootcamp and to following new educational and IT trends.

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