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Juniors with working experience are easier to integrate into daily work


Evosoft Hungary Kft. is a leading IT company in Hungary which has a presence in our country since 1995. Today, they operate with nearly 2000 employees but the number is increasing every year. They have been cooperating with Green Fox Academy almost since the start of the bootcamp. Thus, they have gained great knowledge and experience not only on the tech side but the HR side as well. This time we talked about the effective onboarding process and the integration of career changers.

What evosofts’ strength as an employer?

We are fast and open minded. That is true not only for our core activity but also for our other processes such as onboarding. If our new team member has the motivation he or she will be able to fit in very easily. What is also regularly highlighted by our colleagues is that we represent high professional quality, so they always have the opportunity to learn and develop here. This is supported by the many programs that are an integral part of evosoft's everyday life (

Professional development is extremely important for juniors. How do you support them in this process?

First of all, we support our team members with internal trainings, so if someone wants to improve, we provide all the tools and opportunities for learning. We also have a mentor program through the professional leader and the team itself and regular personal conversations, growth talks are part of the learning journey. In addition, we need to highlight the interesting technologies we use because this is one of the most important motivational factors for developers. Juniors can get to know these new technologies from the beginning and deepen their knowledge while working.

evosoft Hungary Kft.

What is your experience with students of Green Fox career changer courses? What are their strengths compared to other juniors?

Green Fox's students already have work experience, so it is easier to integrate them into the daily work and life of the team. There are individual differences in experience levels, motivation and desire for development and we treat this separately at the level of teams and individuals. Taking a six-month or one-year perspective we see that everyone could find their place, integrate in the team and will be capable of individual and productive work. We have the best experience with those graduates who completed the course along with some specialization (note: Green Fox regularly starts classes in niche areas such as Data Engineering or DevOps).

Contrary to previous misconceptions, the importance of soft skills is more often highlighted parallel to hard skills. Deloitte Tech Trends 2023 also draws attention to this . How do you see this trend?

Having strong soft skills can be an advantage and this is also true in our case. The ability and willingness to work in a team is a basic requirement, and it is important that our new colleagues want and be able to integrate into the team and cooperate effectively with others. It is also extremely important for juniors to have the courage to ask questions and ask for help. This may seem obvious but it is not at all.

The most important hard skill is the "general" developer knowledge and the capability to use the development tools routinely.

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