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As Hungary's first super intense coding bootcamp, we've been helping our students take the first steps towards their IT careers for 6 years. We are in contact with representatives of larger and multinational companies, as well as, of the SME sector and startups. We tailor our syllabus and methodology according to their needs. We're proud that 90% of our graduates have got hired in the IT field.

Let the numbers speak

More than 1,500 people have chosen us.
90% Of our graduates
work in it.
We've successfully connected our graduates with more than 100 firms.

How do we help you establish your IT career?

Upon finishing the Junior developer course our career team will actively work together with you and our partner companies, in order to find the job that fits you best, regardless of you taking advantage of the 100% job guarantee.

We are in strong cooperation with companies and we develop our syllabus based on their needs. That is why we are sure that the knowledge you obtain at Green Fox Academy is IT job-ready. It is an industry characteristic that the HQs of IT companies are mostly situated in Budapest and Pest county. Therefore you can expect having a work there in case you find a placement through us. In exchange we only ask you to concentrate on getting in touch with our partners in the first two moths following graduation and fill the acquired position for at least 6 months.

Have your own tech profile

After your successful graduation from the course, our career team will prepare your professional resume. It will be complemented with references and reviews written by our mentors and psychologists.

Build your tech portfolio with us

Our course does not end with the final exam. Until you find your first job, we give you the opportunity to join our internal development community, called Húli. Here you can work on real projects that will also look good in your portfolio.

Prepare for job interviews

You can prepare for situations through trial interviews, and our mentors make sure that even the trickiest of tech questions don't find you off-guard. Our company specific info-packs will help you navigate the selection processes.

Meet our partner companies

As part of Green Fox's talent pool we will prepare you for the great encounters too. At our corporate events, for instance, you will be able to demonstrate your knowledge to companies that are looking for juniors.

Connect to our alumni network

After successful graduation, you will become a member of our network of more than 1,000 alumni. Moreover, as part of our Alumni Buddy Program, you can get personal mentoring from an experienced ex-student.

Take advantage of the signing bonus

If you accept the first offer of one of our partner companies that you receive during the job searching period and stay with them for at least half a year, we will reward your loyalty with a signing bonus of 100,000 HUF.

100% job guarantee

350,000 HUF + VAT

If you would like to secure your placement beyond the program detailed above, you can subscribe for this package, which ensures that if you cannot find a job within six months after successful graduation, we refund 100% of your tuition or waive it entirely if you chose post-payment.

Accompanying the guarantee you will receive individual career coaching and ongoing guidance from our dedicated psychologists and talent manager. Moreover, you will have the option to immediately start searching for jobs outside of the network of our partner companies.

  • For a successful placement your efforts are needed as well, because you will go through the same selection process as any other candidates for junior programmer positions. It means that you will be able to claim the guarantee if you have completed all of the modules and soft skill trainings within a year, and you do everything to find yourself a new job: you participate in corporate events organised by us and actively search and apply for jobs.
  • Please note that we can only provide the guarantee package, if you would like to work in Hungary after the course and an official authorisation (e.g. work permit) is not necessary for you to sign a job contract in Hungary. Furthermore, you shall hold a Hungarian language exam of at least B2 level by the end of the course, in case Hungarian is not your mother tongue.
  • You should not comply with all of the above listed conditions, because, for instance, you would like to work abroad, you do not hold a permit to work in Hungary, or you do not speak Hungarian, we can only guarantee to reimburse the price of this package.

Our graduates said

"I found a job quickly, only within three weeks. I am happy because I got hired by the first company, moreover for a position that I quite liked. I started to work on 1st June as a Front-end developer at a Green Fox partner, an international consulting firm. The experience is still news, but I like it so far. It's nice, for instance, that they consciously add people with different backgrounds to their teams, in order to facilitate creativity so."
Front-end developer
"Fortunately I found a job pretty quickly, in about one a half months, I suppose. I've been working at a mid-sized company that develops digital banking software ever since. After the bootcamp I took part in Green Fox's Alumni Buddy Program that turned out so well that I not only made a new friend, but found my first workplace through my mentor."
Software developer
"I got hired surprisingly quickly. I received an offer within about a month from an internationally acknowledged multinational company that is a partner of Green Fox."
Máté Tamás
Analyst / API Engineer
"I started to apply for a couple of places after the 1-month preparation program following graduation. As I have never participated on a job interview before, and thus could only rely on the preparation material I had a harder time at first. I had to acquire some practice with HR and professional interviews before becoming confident. It was worth to be patient, because I got hired for a Junior Java developer position by a famous and big multinational company."
Menyhért György
Java developer

Our Career Team

We are committed to help you fulfil your expectations on the field of IT.

Account Manager
Responsible for building and grooming our partnerships. Her goal is that the best possible opportunities are awaiting you after the course.
Senior Talent Manager
Responsible for our career program, who will put you in contact with companies best suitable for you, and support you throughout the selection processes.
Sales manager
Tirelessly working on broadening the network of our partners, and thus the amount of positions available for our graduates.
Head of Education
Responsible for tech interview preparation. With our mentor team they make sure that even the trickiest, language-specific questions won't give you a hard time.
Organizational psychologist, Trainer, Coach
Helps you to do your best on job interviews with situational exercises. Through individual coaching you will find the most suitable career path together.
Organizational psychologist, Trainer, Coach
Helps you to do your best on job interviews with situational exercises. Through individual coaching you will find the most suitable career path together.
Coordinator of Húli Community. With her in charge you will be able to arrive to your first interview with a portfolio that speaks for itself, even instead of you.
Customer Relations Associate
Takes care of the administrative aspects of the job searching process, so you can concentrate on preparation instead of paperwork.

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