We've been helping our students take the first steps towards their IT careers for 5 years. We know not only the smaller startups, but we are also in contact with the SME sector and the representatives of larger companies. We know what they're looking for, and we're proud that 90% of our graduates have got hired in IT.

Let's see our numbers

More than 1,200 people have chosen us.
90% Of our graduates
work in it.
WE HAVE SUCCESSFULLY connected our graduates with more that 95 companies.

Career Services with guarantee

We are in strong cooperation with companies and we develop our syllabus based on their needs. That is why we are sure that the knowledge you can obtain at Green Fox Academy is IT job-ready. If you wish to ask for our help in placement, you can buy our 'Career services with 50% guarantee' package until the end of the Orientation module, which costs HUF 350,000 + VAT. This package ensures that if you cannot find a job (per the terms detailed in your student contract) within 6 months after successful graduation, we refund the 50% of your tuition or waive 50% if you chose post-payment. (Attention! Our course is VAT-free, but unfortunately you have to calculate 27% VAT for this package.)

For a successful placement your efforts are needed as well, because you will go through the same selection process as any other candidates for junior programmer positions. It means that we can provide 50% guarantee if you have completed all the modules and soft skill trainings within a year, and you do everything you can to find your new job: you participate in partner events organized by us and actively search and apply for jobs. Please note that non-Hungarian citizens are only eligible for this guarantee, if official authorisation (e.g. work permit) is not needed for them to sign a job contract in Hungary. Furthermore, they shall hold a Hungarian language exam of at least B2 level by the end of the course, in case Hungarian is not their mother tongue.

Continue your professional development

Build your tech portfolio

After successful graduation our Career Team prepares your professional resume.

Our course does not end with the final exam. Until you find your first IT job, you have the opportunity to join our internal development community, called Húli. Here you can work on real projects that will look good in your portfolio as well.

Join a powerful network

At our corporate events you are the protagonist: you can introduce yourself and demonstrate your knowledge to companies that are looking for juniors.

After successful graduation, you become a member of our network of nearly 1,000 alumni. Moreover, as part of our Alumni Buddy Program, you can get personal mentoring from an experienced ex student.

Prepare for job interviews

Our psychologist mentors help with situational exercises to prepare you for a job interview.

Our senior mentors ensure that even the trickiest programming language-specific questions do not come up unexpectedly during technical interviews.

On demand you also have the opportunity to take career coaching sessions.

Our Career Team

We are committed to helping you find your next job in IT.

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Account Manager
Organizational psychologist, Trainer, Coach
Senior Talent Manager


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