What do we do?

Green Fox Academy is a coding bootcamp based in downtown Budapest. Our professional team can help you become a junior software developer. You can choose from online and on-campus, and from also full-time and part-time courses.

Why choose Green Fox?

Why choose us?

More than 4900 people have already chosen us
Graduates of our career changing courses find their first new position in an average of 2 months
The average starting salary of our junior programmer graduates is HUF 570.000 gross
You can choose from a number of career paths, such as Back-end, Data Engineer or DevOps developer
You can switch to IT with us on a part-time basis, even while working
We offer flexible payment options and a money-back guarantee
Our psychologists aid your progress through soft-skill trainings and coaching sessions
During the 7+ years of operation, we have already started courses in Prague and Bratislava

Upcoming events

#MyFirstApp Coding Camp

Jelentkezz otthonról végezhető, 3 hetes, ingyenes alapozó programozóképzésünkre, és rakd össze életed első éles webalkalmazását - a nulláról!

minden hétfőn

Green Fox Infóest - Főszerepben a Te kérdéseid!

Többet akarsz tudni induló karrierváltó képzéseinkről és a kurzusokat követő karrierlehetőségekről? Találkozzunk június 14-én Infóestünkön a Green Fox főhadiszállásán, és tedd fel nekünk kérdéseidet!


Ingyenes programozó workshop

Kíváncsi vagy, menne-e neked a kódolás? Akkor tarts velünk a következő ingyenes workshopunkon, és próbáld ki a programozást mentoraink segítségével!🙃


Our partners

Companies where our graduates work.

Our students

People who have successfully finished our course.

Our graduates said

"Fortunately I found a job pretty quickly, in about one a half months, I suppose. I've been working at a mid-sized company that develops digital banking software ever since. After the bootcamp I took part in Green Fox's Alumni Buddy Program that turned out so well that I not only made a new friend, but found my first workplace through my mentor."
"In some ways, changing career was a bold decision, but now I feel much more useful than before. I'm still at the beginning, but I think I've improved a lot since the course. It feels good to see myself on the right track."
Back-end fejlesztő,
GB Solutions
"This interactive, informal education was unusual at the beginning, but we really enjoyed it, and in my case it proved to be much more effective than classical education. Completing such an intensive bootcamp is difficult, but a once-in-a-lifetime experience, too."
Máté Tamás
Analyst / API Engineer,
"I started to apply for a couple of places after the 1-month preparation program following graduation. As I have never participated on a job interview before, and thus could only rely on the preparation material I had a harder time at first. I had to acquire some practice with HR and professional interviews before becoming confident. It was worth to be patient, because I got hired for a Junior Java developer position by a famous and big multinational company."
Menyhért György
Java fejlesztő
"I found a job quickly, only within three weeks. I am happy because I got hired by the first company, moreover for a position that I quite liked. I started to work on 1st June as a Front-end developer at a Green Fox partner, an international consulting firm. The experience is still news, but I like it so far. It's nice, for instance, that they consciously add people with different backgrounds to their teams, in order to facilitate creativity so."
Front-end fejlesztő
"It was one of the best decisions of my life. I'm glad to have found a future-proof profession, because nowadays there is so much uncertainty around us. My goal is to further deepen my knowledge in IT, so now I am concentrating on my own development."
Front-end Webfejlesztő,
"At Green Fox, I learned that if I can't do something today, it doesn't mean that I'll not be able to do tomorrow. I still carry this growth mindset with myself."
Full-stack fejlesztő,
"I'm 100% satisfied with my career change. I've a profession where I can fulfill myself and be successful. As I experience, knowledge is more important in IT, than connections. I made a lot of friends at Green Fox, and I consider many of them to be really good friends."
Senior DevOps Engineer,
"Green Fox was a very important period of my life, not only has it changed my career, but also my self-knowledge has grown so much that I can work in a new environment. It’s a very motivating place to go to make your brain get tired so that by going home you become more than you were in the morning. Green Fox helped me to get through the gates of the developer labor market, so that I could start a new profession I chose as my second career."
Software Developer
"After Green Fox I went to NOKIA and I feel I found my place. Thanks to the company I have a transparent career path, I regularly talk to my manager about my future. I got lots of good things from Green Fox to get started, both professionally and personally. It gave me marketable knowledge and guided me from start to finish. However, success also requires determination and humility at work. In fact, changing careers is like top-class sport: if you don't keep doing all you can do, you won't succeed."
Software Engineer,
"For me, it's like playing Lego and building something from the colorful pieces - I can completely immerse myself in it. Since this knowledge is very valuable, employers appreciate it, and this is reflected in outstanding salaries and flexible working conditions even within IT."
Senior Data Engineer,

News from Green Fox Academy

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