What do we do?

Green Fox Academy is a coding bootcamp based in downtown Budapest. Our professional team can help you become a junior software developer. You can choose from online and on-campus, and from also full-time and part-time courses.

Why choose Green Fox?

Why choose us?

Start as a junior developer immediately after the training, there is no compulsory internship
More than 1,600 people have already chosen us
91% of our graduates work in the IT industry
We assist all our graduates in finding their first IT job with 100% job guarantee
Multiple payment options, from Study Loan to postpaid income-share payment
Money-back guarantee in case you change your mind during the trial period
You can choose from a number of career paths, such as Front-end, Back-end, Full-Stack, Data engineer or Salesforce developer
Our psychologists aid your progress through soft-skill trainings and coaching sessions

Upcoming events

#MyFirstApp Coding Camp

Jelentkezz otthonról végezhető, 3 hetes, ingyenes alapozó programozóképzésünkre, és rakd össze életed első éles webalkalmazását - a nulláról!

minden hétfőn

Ingyenes, online programozó workshop

Még sosem vagy csak keveset kódoltál eddig? Akkor tarts velünk a következő online workshopunkon, és próbáld ki a programozást a Green Fox mentoraival!


Our partners

Companies where our graduates work.

Our students

People who have successfully finished our course.

Our graduates said

"After Green Fox I went to NOKIA and I feel I found my place. Thanks to the company I have a transparent career path, I regularly talk to my manager about my future. I got lots of good things from Green Fox to get started, both professionally and personally. It gave me marketable knowledge and guided me from start to finish. However, success also requires determination and humility at work. In fact, changing careers is like top-class sport: if you don't keep doing all you can do, you won't succeed."
Software Engineer,
"The best thing about Green Fox was the focused mindset of the whole course, the syllabus, the mentoring and the insights outsiders may not get. I used to write codes before Green Fox, but I couldn't find the focal points that the course drew my attention to. This was I exactly needed to make a career change. I was able to find a job right after the course, I haven't changed since then, because I feel like I've found my place."
Software Developer,
"Green Fox was a very good opportunity for me to finally do something I had long wanted. I could learn useful things, and my life got a huge boost in a positive direction. I recommend it to those who are determined, never give up, and know what they want to achieve. It has also helped me become a part of a community of people with similar interests. After Green Fox I started working as a C ++ developer, and even though I learnt web development at the course, I was able to become knowledgeable in this technology, too."
C++ Developer,
"Green Fox was a very important period of my life, not only has it changed my career, but also my self-knowledge has grown so much that I can work in a new environment. It’s a very motivating place to go to make your brain get tired so that by going home you become more than you were in the morning. Green Fox helped me to get through the gates of the developer labor market, so that I could start a new profession I chose as my second career."
Software Developer

News from Green Fox Academy

What is no-code: Everything you need to know


For many of us, IT looks appealing but difficult at the same time. Compiling a working code seems out of reach for people outside the IT sector. But have you ever thought if it's possible to start a career in IT without the need of coding?

Low-code Q&A: You asked, we answered


The benefits of low-code, or platform-based development are widely recognized by more and more companies, however, there are still many questions around the technology. That’s why we organized a roundtable session where we discussed the platform’s potentials, including the fact that low-code can be the perfect entry point to an IT career.

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