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Green Fox Academy is one of the leading programming bootcamps in the CEE region, with a presence in Hungary, Czechia and Slovakia. Become a junior programmer with the help of our professional team, and we will also help you find a job.

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If you want to switch super fast and choose from a range of technologies.

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If you want to learn programming while working and from the comfort of your home.

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If you want to build an IT career without coding.
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In case you first only want to try coding, check out our MyFirstApp and Data Analytics Coding Camps.


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"In some ways, changing career was a bold decision, but now I feel much more useful than before. I'm still at the beginning, but I think I've improved a lot since the course. It feels good to see myself on the right track."
Back-end Developer,
"I like that my job is very versatile. Mathematical, logical, or database management tasks may come up, but creativity is involved as well, and I also need to give presentations to the client. A new project can bring practically anything, and I really like these colorful tasks."
Salesforce Specialist,
"I wanted to change career because my job didn’t challenge me after a while, and I missed the opportunity to create something, besides Excel spreadsheets. With coding it was completely the opposite, since by writing only a few lines of code you can create brilliant things: it works and appears on the screen, it can be clicked on, it moves, especially if it’s front-end. I think it's a really great profession."
Software Developer,
I can compare Salesforce to one of my favorite hobbies, rock climbing. There is a system that has a given framework and various techniques and steps are available that can be used creatively to achieve the goal. All of this is completely opposite to what I thought before. I had a misconception that all you have to do is sit in front of the computer and configuration and other IT tasks must be boring, but they are not at all. The brain works hard, and you can use your creativity in the process.
Anita Donkó
Salesforce Consultant
United Consult
"I work in a very good place, and I see that I get better every day. Green Fox was a very important phase of my life, I didn't only change my career, but my self-awareness had also developed enought to be able to work in this new environment."
Software Developer,
Sigma Technology Group
"After Green Fox I went to NOKIA and I feel I found my place. Thanks to the company I have a transparent career path, I regularly talk to my manager about my future. I got lots of good things from Green Fox to get started, both professionally and personally."
Technical Leader,
"One day my wife and I were in the kitchen putting away the plates and suddenly she turned to me and said ‘Thank you’. She thanked me because I had the courage to change career. Before I became a developer I had spent most of my time away from home and had been constantly stressed. Thanks to my career change, our whole life transformed: I’m much more calmer, arrive home for dinner, and our standard of living just got better. My wife said it was a big challenge, but it was the best decision I could have made."
Product Owner,
"It was one of the best decisions of my life. I'm glad to have found a future-proof profession, because nowadays there is so much uncertainty around us. My goal is to get better, so now I am concentrating on my own development."
Front-end Web Developer,
"I'm 100% satisfied with my career change. I've a profession where I can fulfill myself and be successful. As I experience, knowledge is more important in IT, than connections. I made a lot of friends at Green Fox, and I consider many of them to be really good friends."
Senior DevOps Engineer,

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Szeretettel várunk az Infóestünkön, ahol minden fontos részletet megtudhatsz
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és meghallgathatod egy végzett hallgatónk tapasztalatait is!

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