MSc in IT for Business Data Analytics
Joint master's degree course with IBS

Course starts: fall 2023

Who is this course for?

If you would like to become a Green Fox student and acquire a British Master's degree at the same time.

Together with IBS, that issues University of Buckingham degrees, we have developed a special master's degree program that prepares students for the ever changing challenges of nowaday's workplace. The course is recommended for those, who beside acquiring strong programming basics would like to develop business and management skills.

What sort of knowledge will you acquire?

    Upon graduating from the course you will be able to confidently apply for jobs as a junior developer or as a business analyst. After graduation, you will be capable of writing code that carries out analytical tasks in a business context and you will have the necessary skills to interpret business information in order to identify business insights.

    Important details

    Course starts: fall 2023

    Application deadline: 31st M
    Course length: 3 semesters
    Course location: IBS Budapest Campus
    Course language: English
    Programming languages: Python, JavaScript, Git, SQL, NoSQL, HTML
    Admission criteria: Bachelor's degree in any field