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Matchmaking: connecting the employer with the ideal candidate


How do we make recruitment more effective for our partner companies? Why are we more than a headhunting company? How is the matchmaking process itself happening? These questions are answered by our Account Manager, Viki Várhegyi.

Every year, we prepare hundreds of junior developers to restart their careers as programmers. Our mentors and psychologists work in symbiosis with them for several months, so we know a lot more about them than a CV would tell us. As a result, the candidates we recommend in our unique matchmaking process to our partner companies using our headhunting service do not only meet the requirements in terms of technological skills but also fit into the company culture. 

We optimise the recruitment process

At Green Fox, we get a comprehensive picture of our students during the courses, so we can effectively help them in finding a job after the exam. This is also an important value for our corporate partners, as it enables us to take a significant burden off their shoulders. We optimise the recruitment process so that it results in significantly faster outcomes, requires less manpower from the company and is an overall cost-effective solution for our partners. 

As part of our flexible matchmaking service, we not only help employers with targeted pre-selection, but we also attach a short analysis to candidates' CVs, elaborating on their technological skills, personality and assessing their soft skills such as communication skills,” highlights Viki.

This characterisation is written by our mentors and psychologists, who work closely with the students throughout the course. 

“Smaller companies often ask for our help because they do not have a dedicated HR department, while HR officers of larger companies contact us because the Green Fox matchmaking process makes their work much more efficient,” she adds. Thanks to our cooperation, it doesn't take months for a new team member to get on board, and thanks to the rigorous selection process that precedes Green Fox's course as well as the in-depth knowledge of the candidates, the colleagues we place are more likely to live up to the expectations.”

Another advantage for companies: they do not need to pre-screen skills like English language skills, which are essential in programming. An intermediate level of English is a prerequisite for our courses, so we guarantee that all the developers we recommend have these language skills.


We provide professionals on a project basis and for the long term

As part of our headhunting service, we also offer our partners the possibility of labor hire. It is the best choice in situations where a company needs to find a solution to a challenge quickly and flexibly, without a permanent increase in staff. A typical case is when a development team receives several new projects unexpectedly, but they do not have sufficient capacity to handle them. 

“We have an immediately available development team that has sufficient capacity. We also have a selection team with substantial experience in HR processes and we also have all the necessary information about the candidates, so we can place a junior programmer within 1–2 weeks. There have also been cases where we placed several developers to a company and they were accompanied by an experienced mentor, which made the whole team more productive,” says Viki. 

Labor hire does not only provide maximum flexibility; it is also a great opportunity for employers to discover new talents or to test our service before hiring us to expand their team for the long term.

Five steps of matchmaking

As our Account Manager, Viki is in contact with our partner companies and she is the one who assesses their needs. Then our Talent Manager compares these needs with the skills and preferences of our graduates. Our mentors and psychologists also help her with additional information to create detailed profiles of the candidates. 

The matching of suitable candidates to a company (the matchmaking itself) is done in the following way:

  1. A partner company tells us that they would like to hire one or more junior software developer(s). 
  2. We gather all available information on the expectations towards the candidate, both in terms of the technological skills required and the preferred personal skills. 
  3. Based on the criteria defined, we are looking for possible candidates among our recent graduates. This process usually takes 2–3 days.
  4. We send the company the CVs of the recommended candidates and a description of them. (After consultation with the students concerned, of course.)
  5. Based on the feedback from the company, we organise interviews with the candidates they wish to meet.

If the job or the role defined by our partner requires special technological skills, our experienced mentors are ready to provide quick training for the future employee. This additional training, which is tailored to the needs of the company, takes place within two weeks. It facilitates the integration of the new employee into the development team and, on the other hand, also lessens the burden of the senior professionals of our partner.

When a class in our Junior Developer Course comes to the end of its course, as part of the matchmaking process, we organise events to help our partner companies and students meet and get to know each other. These include speed dating and interview events, but we also have programmes where graduates give presentations. 

“The big advantage of matchmaking events is that an employer can meet up to ten to twenty candidates in a few hours. That is why our corporate partners like this opportunity. However, sometimes they ask for our recommendations before the events because they would like to know whom to focus on so that another employer can't snatch the best junior professionals from them.”

It is important to keep both sides happy

We have partnerships with nearly a hundred companies, from startups with ten people to large corporations of a thousand employees, from a wide range of sectors. Needs may vary from company to company, and not only in terms of the required technological skills or the knowledge of a particular programming language. Apart from them, the size of a particular development or IT team may also influence the skills and personality required. 

Whenever we start a new class, we always notify our partner companies and share with them some information on the number of students, the focus of the training (e.g. Back-end, Full-Stack) and the date when the students are expected to graduate, so they can plan in advance. This is our mutual interest: we want as many of our partners and students to find each other as possible. 

Of course, we also assess the students' expectations and take them into account during the matchmaking process. We ask all students for their preferences in advance, so we know who is interested in tester jobs or other positions that are not strictly connected to development. We also ask them if they are open to working abroad. Our goal is to keep both sides happy and make really good matches,” adds Viki.

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