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We provide headhunting services for companies looking for talented and motivated junior developers

How does it work?

We recruit

With recruitment campaigns (reaching out to hundreds of thousands of people), we primarily target groups who are thinking of changing careers because we believe that programming can be a motivating career path in the long term. In addition, our priority is to make the IT profession attractive to women.

We select

Our five-step selection process, coordinated by psychologists, ensures that only those candidates will be admitted who we believe, can successfully overcome the obstacles.During the selection process, in addition to programming susceptibility, the motivation and soft skills of our prospective students are important filtering considerations too.

We educate

Depending on course, our students spend 900-1100 hours coding, each day an average of eleven hours: eight at school and three at home. During the 4-month course, we also place great emphasis on the development of soft skills such as communication and presentation skills, stress management, collaboration and teamwork. We consider it important that our students find their place in their future workplace easily, so each class is dealt with by a dedicated organizational psychologist.

We match people to companies

After completing the course, we also help our successful graduates find employment in the IT industry. We work with more than 95 hiring partners so far, including smaller startups, mid-sized companies and large corporations.

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Other services

Software development

Would you outsource a well-defined project? At our in-house development agency, called Húli - it means fox in chinese - we can deliver web, mobile, and hardware projects. The team is based on our senior developers, who work with our junior graduates selected to the project. As a customer, you also have the option of recruiting juniors who are working on the project once the collaboration is completed.

In-house academies

It is often the case that one of our partners wants to train their team for newer technology in a few days or hours of intensive training. We have already helped Lufthansa Systems and the Gizmodo Media Group, for example with React and Test Automation training, where our senior developers handed over their knowledge in a Green Fox practice-oriented workshop.

Senior recruitement from our alumni

Often, the barrier of development is that there are not enough senior in the team and that is why junior colleagues cannot be recruited. Over the last four years, a generation of Green Fox has matured, who is no longer in the junior category, as our first graduates have more than 3 years of development experience. Many of them are already leading teams, managing larger projects. More than hundreds of people in this community are looking for new opportunities, so if you are looking for a more experienced position to fill, contact us and we will help you to find the best people.

Our partners

Our partners where we have placed our students from the last 3 cohorts
Our other partners with whom we have been cooperating since the beginning

Együttműködési ajánlataink

Hallgató vásár

Ezt válaszd, ha ...

  • Ki szeretnéd próbálni hallgatóinkat
  • Ha csak 1-2 juniorral szeretnéd erősíteni a csapatodat
  • Something
  • Something

Gold partner

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  • 4-5 juniort is fel szeretnél venni
  • Ha az elsők közt szeretnél válogatni a juniorok között
  • Something
  • Something

Klassz Class

Ezt válaszd, ha ...

  • Több, legalább 15 új juniorral szeretnéd erősíeni a csapatodat
  • Ha speciális tematikára van igényed
  • Something
  • Something

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