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A bridge to tech talents – we were guests at the Forbes Tech Summit


The first Forbes Tech Summit in Hungary looked for answers through the example of Lufthansa Systems Hungária's IT Young Professional Programme, and we have collected the 5 main thoughts arose during the full house BIG TECH stage podium discussion.

The crisis is driving IT developments rather than holding them back. However, digital transformation increasing the adaptability of firms requires well-trained professionals. Yet, the lack of suitably skilled professionals can be a major obstacle. How could an efficient, unique answer be given to this global problem? The first Forbes Tech Summit in Hungary looked for answers through the example of Lufthansa Systems Hungária’s IT Young Professional Programme. Here, we have collected the 5 most important thoughts from the sold-out panel discussion of the BIG TECH stage.

Project-ready talent pool is in the making

The talent programme of Lufthansa Systems Hungária, a company developing aviation software, was launched in 2012, initially with classical frontal training. In 2016, with the help of Green Fox Academy, the IT Young Professional Programme switched to a more effective, practice-oriented training model. The corporate bootcamp aims to develop the professional and personal skills of participants who already have basic programming knowledge and to build a project-ready junior developer talent pool.

The core element of the course is a real-life challenge that students work intensively on for two months. The mentors of Green Fox play a key role in this work, guiding the teamwork on the project, supporting the students’ independent learning and motivating the participants.

“One of the great values of the Programme is that our team is expanded each year with enthusiastic, talented colleagues who already know our company well”

- added Róbert Horváth, employee manager of Lufthansa Systems Hungária.

At the Forbes Tech Summit in Budapest

Learning tasks may produce marketable, innovative solutions

During the course, students practice on real projects. Once, they created a so-called turnaround manager application, which tracks the work phases while aeroplanes are on the ground. One of Lufthansa Systems Hungária’s customers liked the solution optimizing the preparation process of the flight so much that they asked for a demo even before the app was finished.

The success stories associated with the talent programme also raise the company’s recognition at an international level. As Róbert Horváth said:

“At the beginning of our cooperation with Green Fox, we were the ones hunting for projects that could be used for educational purposes. Today, our headquarters in Germany is waiting for the opportunity to give project assignments to the participants of the IT Young Professionals Programme.”

Career-changers have the edge

A corporate bootcamp does not only offer benefits through its tailor-made topics. For example, Lufthansa Systems Hungária also places special emphasis on the development of personal skills. The ability to work in a team, to co-operate smoothly with clients or, for example, to think in a flexible and solution-oriented manner, is developed in the Programme as much as the hard skills.

The IT Young Professional Program is aimed at young IT professionals starting their careers, but at the same time, corporate bootcamps organized with other companies, where recruitment is also carried out by Green Fox, are typically attended by career changers.

“In these cases most of the participants hold a degree with up to 8–10 years of work experience. This makes it easier for them to integrate into an international environment and become productive team members in a shorter time than for those who are just starting their careers,”

- said Anita Fachs, Head of Corporate Services at Green Fox Academy.

Undermanned professions: no problem

IT Young Professionals graduates work mainly in Java Back-end, Full-stack and Test Automation areas at Lufthansa Systems Hungária. Anita Fachs and Róbert Horváth shared the opinion that there is a growing demand for DevOps and Data Engineer qualifications, but there are not enough suitable professionals in the labour market. A corporate bootcamp can also be used to train professionals for specific needs quickly and cost-effectively.

Moreover, economic crises do not discourage but even increase the number of applicants, and corporate courses are particularly attractive because of the extra security they offer.

“Technological developments are the way out for many sectors; our experience also shows that even if there was a temporary slowdown, IT is one of the first to recover. This is what motivates career-changers”

- added Anita Fachs. Thus the corporate bootcamp is also an advantage in acquiring professionals with valuable domain knowledge.

No “lucky bags”: a win-win both for employers and employees

By November 2022, nine classes graduated from the talent programme of Lufthansa Systems Hungária, and the company has recruited 120 juniors from its in-house trained talent pool. There were years when 100 percent of the juniors came from this pool.

“During the joint work we get to know the students more deeply. Compared to the normal recruitment process, we can also assess more accurately with whom we can cooperate in the long term”

- said Róbert Horváth.

A deeper relationship also helps to retain colleagues in the future. A corporate bootcamp is a great way for a company to build its employer brand and boost engagement, for example by showcasing its career prospects, training opportunities and career paths.

“A clear vision on the employee’s side promotes responsible decision-making, and a deeper relationship reduces turnover in the future. This is as much a challenge nowadays as attracting talents”

- added Anita Fachs.

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About the author

Anita Fachs
General Director / Head of B2B
Anita has many years of experience in marketing and account management, both on regional and global levels. She joined Green Fox Academy in the summer of 2020 as head of the Hungarian team, then became the Head of B2B. She is responsible for the operation of education and upskilling-reskilling services. In her work, she pays great attention to the continuous development of the bootcamp and to following new educational and IT trends.

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