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Fast progress awaits those switching to the IT profession


The IT profession awaits career changers with real opportunities. Green Fox Academy's alumni research shows that our graduates are moving fast in terms of both position and salary. Find out more about how they utilizied the skills learned at Green Fox in their careers!

Higher wages in under two years

Those entering the IT sector are advancing at a fast pace in their careers after completing a bootcamp, our survey shows. Most students who have successfully completed a bootcamp, are already in a mid-level position after their second year in the IT profession, reaching a senior position with 3-5 years of experience.

At the same time, their monthly income is growing dynamically, participants of our survey earn an average net 290,000 HUF per month in their first job after training, which exceeds 500,000 HUF monthly net income by their third year. According to the alumni research, the average salary of graduates with 3 years of experience is 562,000 HUF net, which translates to a 845,000 HUF gross earning.

No prior training is required

The survey found that one in four respondents originally had an ecomomics degree, followed by ones in engineering and human studies. The proportion of career changers arriving from services, education, science and health care sectors is also significant.

Participants of the survey had an average of 6,5 years of work experience before deciding to switch to an IT career with the help from Green Fox Academy. Prior to the training, most of them worked in tourism and catering, followed by education, research and science, as well as finance, banking and insurance sectors.

„Since 2016, a total of 800 IT professionals have completed our junior programming courses in Hungary. In our alumni research we have conducted with them, we were interested in whether the opportunities actually available on the labor market justified their previous expectations. We are constantly updating and developing our trainings, responding to the continuous development of technology and the needs of companies. The survey proved that the program we compiled provides competitive knowledge and that career changers interested in the IT profession can take adventage of real labor market opportunities”

- said Anita Fachs, Country Manager of Green Fox Academy in Hungary.

Guaranteed entry into the IT sector

According to research, our junior software development training is almost a guaranteed entry into the IT sector. 92 percent of respondents who have completed at least half a year ago, report that they are utilizing the knowledge they have gained from us in their new position. Successful job seekers found their first IT job in an average of 2 months.

Put yourself to the test in our junior programming training and learn the basics of the IT profession! In addition to the curriculum, soft skill training and coaching opportunities are also part of the training, helping to prepare for job interviews and laying the foundations for effective teamwork. You can choose between online and on-campus, super-intensive and part-time training. Learn more by clicking here!

The research was conducted by interviewing 800 people who completed our junior software developer training in Hungary, between May 2016 and May 2021. The online questionnaire was completed by 249 respondents during May 2021.

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