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COSMO CONSULT has expanded its development resources in cooperation with Green Fox Academy


Flexibility is now an essential part of running a business. Whether it’s a growth-facing business area or a new technological need, a fast decision can provide a long-term competitive advantage. An effective solution for such a case is to start a special, corporate course.

However, the benefits of a customized corporate bootcamp are not limited to capacity expansion. We present the process and the realizable benefits through a training organized jointly with COSMO CONSULT.

Project: expanding development resources 

COSMO CONSULT has been implementing and supporting business IT systems for more than 25 years. Many clients of it have used Microsoft Dynamics NAV, an integrated enterprise resource planning system. The system has been extended with several features since then and is now available as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. In order to ensure the quick and smooth migration to the new system for the company's customers, developers with specific knowledge were needed. The company is responsible for the changeover at an international level, so it was of utmost importance to find a solution to hire a bigger number of new employees. A super intensive corporate bootcamp training course that is tailored to the company responded to this need, created in partnership with Green Fox Academy.

Approach: Training with a holistic approach

As a first step of the cooperation, Green Fox's experienced mentoring team, with the support of COSMO CONSULT, gathered the necessary information, organised and mastered the main elements of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and assessed the level of knowledge required to work on COSMO CONSULT's projects. In the next step, they prepared the necessary training materials, finalized the syllabus of the course, defined the timing and the key campaign elements supporting the promotion of the training and the recruitment.

During the advertisement it was clear that candidates are not familiar enough with the programming language. Green Fox has therefore placed a special emphasis on general education about the programming language. Thanks to the practical demonstration of the programming language and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, a sufficient number of applicants registered for the course.

Value: Specific knowledge, tailored to the company 

“Thanks to the course tailored to the needs of COSMO CONSULT, new employees have the right technological knowledge needed to support our clients in everything. On the other hand, the time of integration into the team is shorter than with the traditional selection process. Moreover, we were already allowed to get to know our new employees during the training period. I believe these benefits will help us to further strengthen our flexibility and high level of customer service”

said Anett Polocz, chief executive officer of COSMO Consult in Hungary.

RESULT - more effective processes and relief of the workload

COSMO CONSULT was able to assign students with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central development skills to the project, providing fast support to its customers. 

Thanks to the cooperation:

  • the time dedicated to integration was reduced, 
  • in-house mentors and senior professionals were relieved of their workload,
  • the company was expanded with professionals having the right skills,
  • students were able to work in a project team, which simulated the actual workflow,
  • the company received professional course material based on the Green Fox training methodology.

“It was an exciting challenge to create a tailor-made course for a company that is at the forefront of supporting the digital switchover. Thanks to the close cooperation and thorough preparation, we could address a motivated and interested community, which resulted in effective recruitment. Graduates were able to acquire specific knowledge tailored to the needs of the company, which enabled them to start working at COSMO CONSULT immediately”

added Anita Fachs, general director of Green Foy Academy in Hungary.

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