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Prepare consciously for a bootcamp! - E-BOOK


It’s never easy to change career, even if it's not a 180-degree turn. Our e-book helps you make a more conscious decision to change your career.

Why is it worth preparing consciously for a bootcamp?

At Green Fox Academy, we have seen more than 1800 career changes. Each story is different, but what they all have in common is that it’s a very difficult decision to jump into such courses. According to our experience, students who consciously prepare for a career change overcome the obstacles more easily. What should you consider before changing your career? How should you prepare for the bootcamp and later for the job search? With the help of our experts and graduates, we help you think through the most important aspects to make your career change smoother.

What is in the e-book?

Psychologist advice for a successful career change - tips from Annabella Ádám, psychologist at Green Fox

Financial planning - tips from Szabolcs Takács, a 30-year-old retiree

Recruiter tips if you want to switch to the IT sector - advice from Vanda Fehér, Loxon Solutions HR Business Partner for those considering a bootcamp

How to prepare for the change? - tips from our graduates

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