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4 additional factors to keep in mind when choosing a programming course


There are many courses to choose from if you want to learn programming, but before, it's worth comparing the options, because it makes a difference how much support you get or what chances you have later on the job market. In the second part of this article series, we collected more characteristics that you should pay attention to when choosing the course that suits you best. Read the last article to know more!

The price/value ratio

The price should be considered not in itself, but by taking into account the knowledge you can gain and other related trainings and services. For example, if the aim is to change career, does the course really prepare you for the labor market? Does the price include other services, such as job placement assistance? Is there a job or money-back guarantee? The service received may also differ for some courses of a given bootcamp, and in such cases there may be a significant price difference between courses.


Several bootcamps offer a job guarantee for their courses. On the one hand, this provides security, and on the other hand, it shows that they are confident that the acquired knowledge can be used in the labor market. In addition to the guarantee itself, it is worth looking at its extent and conditions. At Green Fox, we offer a 100% placement guarantee for both our super-intensive and part-time Junior programming courses, details can be found here.

Career support - to help you launch your IT career

If you want to find a job in IT after your course, it's a great help if the training provider can support you. In addition to connecting you with their partners, it's also worth looking at how they prepare you.

At Green Fox, for example, we prepare your professional tech profile, we offer tech and HR interview coaching, we prepare you for real-life situations during mock interviews, and our mentors make sure that sweaty technical questions don't come up unexpectedly. We get you involved in development projects and connect you with our alumni students who work as developers. What’s more, we can place you not only in Hungary, but also abroad, as we are present in the Czech Republic and Slovakia too.

Soft skill trainings and coaching

Bootcamps typically provide soft skills training and individual coaching for their courses. This is important because your personal skills also matter a lot in finding a job in a new field. Contrary to stereotypes, your communication skills, flexibility, and how you work in a team, are very important for companies in the IT field. The Deloitte Tech Trends 2023 research shows that creativity and problem-solving skills are becoming increasingly important alongside knowledge, and in many cases companies are already looking for these during the selection process. And coaching can be particularly useful because career-changing programming courses are very demanding, and the support of a psychologist can be of great help in overcoming a low point.

For example, during our courses, we not only focus on coding, but also put a great emphasis on developing soft skills, such as communication and presentation skills, stress management, collaboration and teamwork. We believe it is important that our students can easily find their place in their future workplace, which is why each class has at least one dedicated organizational psychologist.

Let's summarize the main thoughts

As we wrote earlier in this series, there are many courses to choose from if you want to learn programming, and even if they seem similar at first glance, they can differ in many ways. However, they will definitely be similar in one thing: completing a bootcamp is not easy, since you have to learn a lot of new knowledge in a short time, and in most cases it is a real career change, which requires a lot of sacrifices and a big financial investment. Therefore, it is very important to make a well-considered decision and to choose the most appropriate course for you. We recommend that if you have the opportunity, attend free events such as workshops, info nights, meetups, etc. at the bootcamp you like, to try programming either in person or online, get to know the teaching method, meet the mentors who teach there and get first-hand answers to your questions.

We, at Green Fox, regularly organize free events where you can get to know us and our courses. Follow our Facebook, Instagram page or website to make sure you have your place on our events! The next time you can meet us here.

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