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Expectations boost, labour shortage holds back digital transformation


There has been increasing pressure on companies to implement their technological developments quickly and effectively. Adapting to these new needs, we have introduced flexible headhunting services.

‍The key to renewal

According to an international survey published in March 2021, 83 percent of business executives expect to increase their IT investments in the next three years. Half of the participants of the survey want to spend at least 10 percent more on the digital transformation of their operations and business model than previously planned. 

Meanwhile, the lack of adequate labour force has become the number one obstacle to development worldwide. In the technology sector, 84 percent of business executives plan to involve independent external professionals in their projects.


Professionals are indispensable

“From the viewpoint of competitiveness, it is a critical point to make the implementation of prioritised development tasks faster and more efficient. The demand for specialists trained specifically for a given task has grown significantly in Hungary, as well” said Anita Fachs, Head of Hungarian Operations at Green Fox Academy when evaluating the domestic situation.

On the other hand, labour shortage is a growing problem in Hungary, too. Since 2015, the number of vacant IT positions has tripled to 9,000, and by 2023, even 15,000–26,000 professionals might be missing from the Hungarian labour market.


Customized solution within three weeks

“From startups to large companies, the biggest challenge for companies right now is to boost their adaptability. To support this, we launched our flexible headhunting services that provide junior developers for the short or the long term who are ready to jump in immediately” added Anita Fachs.

If required by our corporate partner, we prepare programmers in an intensive course for the technology used in the current project, thus significantly reducing the duration of the onboard training. Relying on our strong training base, we can also solve the need to replace a colleague or expand the project team in a similarly short time.


Do you need IT professionals? Does your company have special needs? Check out our flexible headhunting services!


The growing importance of upskilling

The success of digitalization also depends on the way a company can prepare its current employees for changing tasks. The development of the digital skills of the workforce is also a crucial point. Although the development of competencies is constantly on the agenda at technology-focused companies, according to the experience of Green Fox, the focus shifted in 2020 to the in-house training of senior professionals.

Last year, there was also a demand for mentoring services, which use the help of the leading experts and lecturers of the academy to reach the same level of knowledge within a developer team. This way, for example, the cost of a technology switch might also be reduced. 


Would you like to improve the IT skills of your team? We are happy to help you!


2021 is the year of restart

While hiring new staff has been forced into the background for a while, companies returned to their pre-pandemic recruitment goals in late 2020, and now there is a strong demand for junior programmers again. After a temporary halt, the IT sector was among the first ones to gain new momentum, and this momentum is likely to continue in the upcoming years.

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