Corporate IT Trainings

Our senior developer mentors upskill and reskill your colleagues.

Our mentor team that has many years of experience in education and software-development is ready to put together and deliver trainings for enterprises based on their defined needs.

Tamas was a perfectly prepared mentor for us, he has helped us overcome obstacles both from the professional and the human perspective. He showed us a way to write more transparent code quicker in JavaSript and React. Our colleagues and company profited from the co-operation.
Patrik Horvath
Head of Internal Affairs
ZLT Magyarország Kft.

Upskilling | Reskilling

IT Trainings

  • Tanuld meg munka vagy iskola mellett a programozás alapjait!
  • Would you like to develop the knowledge of your IT team?
  • Would you like your colleagues to learn a new technology?

Beased on your needs our senior mentors will help deepen and broaden the knowledge of your co-workers, let it be a few-hour, a few-day or a several-month long training, or an in-house-academy.

We prepare the syllabus of on-site IT trainings in a close collaboration with your developer and HR colleagues, in order to provide the most relevant knowledge to your newly hired or current co-workers in the following fields:

  • Tanuld meg munka vagy iskola mellett a programozás alapjait!
  • Technology switch
  • JavaScript - React, Angular, Vue
  • Java - Spring
  • C# - ASP.NET
  • Python - Flack, Django
  • Ruby on Rails, Node, AWS, Azure


  • Tanuld meg munka vagy iskola mellett a programozás alapjait!
  • Are you working under a tight deadline, or on a very complex project?
  • You would need everyone, however, you haven't got the time to onboard new colleagues?

Mentoring-as-a-Service is a project based solution that aims to help development teams work more efficiently and providing extra resources on the senior level in time of need.

After understanding your needs our mentors help your junior and medior developer co-workers get up to speed. You can also trust us with managing workflows and consulting about the following IT topics:

  • Tanuld meg munka vagy iskola mellett a programozás alapjait!
  • Testing (unit testing, E2E testing)
  • Separating components
  • Architecture
  • RxJS
  • State management (pl. NgRX)
  • Best practices, effective use of tools

Bemutatjuk projektjeinket

Senior mentors

Co-founder, Head of Education
As the Education Lead at Green Fox Academy my responsibility is the quality of education. Before I worked at Prezi, and with several years of experience in development I started up Bricklfow, and later lead the development team at Lab.Coop.
Mentor, Senior Developer, Head of Húli Community
I was a Senior Software Developer and Scrum Master at LogMeIn before. My favourite technologies are C# and JavaScript. I teach kids for programming in my spare time through non-profit organisations.


Our mentors follow and learn about the most up-to-date trends in technology. They share what they know with our partners on regular workshops.


Rapid solutions, easy to implement ideas with latest technologies.


Coding for IT recruiters. Make your first web app and speak the language of developers.

How To Train Your Junior

Learn about retaining your junior developer co-workers on the longer run.

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Mentor, Senior Developer, Head of Húli Community

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