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Accenture: "We provide continuous development opportunities"


Would you like to know our partners better, where you can even start your new IT career after the course? We have great news then! We sat down with Accenture, and asked them what kind of workplace Accenture is and why it is good to work there. Read our article and get to know Accenture!

Please, introduce your company. What is Accenture like as a workplace?

Accenture is a global consulting and services company active in almost all industries. In the IT sector, we provide clients with technology solutions including digital business transformation, data analytics, automation and cloud services. At Accenture, we focus on innovation and quality and continuously improve the business value of our clients around the world. We are a global technology company, with global standards (e.g. software development and project management practices), global benefits (e.g. access to a rich professional knowledge base), and cross-border projects in which the employees of the Budapest office also take part.

We have two offices in Budapest. One is in the 11th district, Hauszmann Alajos street, and the other is the Váci Greens Budapest office, where the Advance Technology Center is located, in the 13th district, next to Váci street. We have 738,000 colleagues worldwide and more than 800 people work in Hungary from all corners of the country. Thanks to our hybrid working method, we meet face-to-face with our core team about once a week.

Why is it good to work at Accenture?

Most importantly, we provide our colleagues with continuous development opportunities through internal training, supported external exam preparation, mentoring and professional support available on projects. In addition, we provide a buddy in the first 3 months for each new colleague, who helps them to integrate.

Creating value for our clients is also a top priority, so we always work with the most advanced technologies and apply the best methodologies. Our international awards show that Accenture is an attractive and respected place to work, where colleagues are always keen to develop and collaborate successfully:

  • FORTUNE - World’s Most Admired Companies 33rd place
  • FORTUNE - World’s Most Admired Companies: IT Services Category 1st place
  • DREAMJOBS - Most Admired Workplace in IT & Engineering Category
  • ZYNTERN -  Best University Friendly Internship Special Award
  • HRBest - Future Talent Investor Special Award.
Team building breakfast at Accenture

What kind of cooperation have you had with Green Fox so far?

  • Placement: we receive from Green Fox the resumes of their graduates who best match our current needs, so that we can contact them
  • Open day: in collaboration with Green Fox, we organized an office visit to our office at Váci street, where participants could ask their questions, and had the chance to meet us and get to know the work environment personally
  • Tech Talent Speed Date: we participated in Green Fox's rapid job interview event, where we represented Accenture as interviewers and had the chance to meet their current graduates personally

What career paths await Green Fox students?

We welcome Green Fox students with back-end, front-end, full-stack development and test automation competencies, primarily in the following technology areas: Java, Microsoft, QA, Cloud engineering and specific platforms such as Salesforce or ServiceNow.

How do you support the digital development of your employees?

At Accenture, we offer high-quality, in-house developed virtual classroom/on-demand trainings, and we also make other online courses accessible (e.g. Percipio, Pluralsight). With these and similar tools, practical experience can be well supported in our projects.

What is important to you in a junior programmer?

We are looking for junior tech professionals who are eager to learn, communicate actively and with mutual respect (also in English), and are open for colorful career paths. They can feel recognized at Accenture.

How do you see Green Fox students?

The common characteristic of green fox students is that they not only want to solve problems but are also good at it. Previous career experience is also an advantage: organizational skills, insight into human nature, customer communication acquired outside of the IT field can also be used well in our work. Fortunately, people's colorful career experience hold countless valuable skills.

Why would you recommend Green Fox to others?

Green Fox provides applicable knowledge and focuses on the essence. Parents don't have to worry about their children if they don’t continue studying at the university level, since there are bootcamps where they can quickly acquire professional knowledge that the market will pay for and they can build a career out of it.

At Accenture

We often hear how low the percentage of women is in the IT sector. What is your experience? What steps do you take to improve this ratio?

Accenture set a strategic goal years ago to improve the proportion of female employees. Thanks to our achievements in this area, we received the 1st place of DIVERSITY INC. Top 50 Companies for Diversity (more details and results:

In addition, global goals are in place in all countries, so we also try to get involved at the local level (e.g. Girls' Day event, and the Women in Science Association and Skool are our strategic partners too). We also aim to pay special attention to the effective retention of female employees.

Could you share with our readers what your plans are for the future?

Continuous, sustainable expansion: in terms of number of employees, competences, as well as the increase of professional qualifications. In addition, we would like to further help the experience and career development of green fox employees already working for us.

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