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Green Fox Academy opened new office in Bratislava


Green Fox has become a strong international company and is building a regional IT talent pool. We have international courses and provide international opportunities for our students and corporate partners. We continue to build our market-leading role in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

In a year and a half, starting in 2021, we built the strongest brand of the Slovak IT education market, and based on the success of online education, we opened our second foreign office in Bratislava this summer. Green Fox Academy is the market leader in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia in terms of job-guaranteed short-cycle IT courses, based on the number of students hired and placed on the labor market. In the meantime, we have launched our largest international course and are strengthening our regional corporate partnerships.

"Since 2018, we have increased the number of our students in the Czech Republic by nearly 100% every year. Thus, last year we became market leaders in the Czech Republic and entered into Slovakia by making our online software developer course available to Slovak students."

- said Kristóf Bárdos, co-founder and CEO of Green Fox Academy.

We achieved an outstanding result in 2021: we generated a total sales revenue of HUF 250 million in the two countries. We expect further growth this year, to double the number of students in both countries and introduce the same corporate bootcamp model which is already successful in Hungary.

The rapid digitization of the economy is a global trend, and the IT labor market has also become international, and typically international project teams work remotely on major developments. In addition to software development knowledge, English language knowledge and, for example, strong cooperation and communication skills have become more valuable.

"We have reached an international level in terms of building an IT talent pool and education as well. We consider the Hungarian, Czech and Slovak labor markets as a unit, and provide cross-border opportunities for our students and corporate partners."

- emphasized Kristóf Bárdos.

In March, we launched our first English-language international software developer course and at the same time introduced more specializations. In addition to Back-end and Full-stack programming, we also train professionals in the fields of Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Data Engineering.

"With 174 students, our first international cohort is the largest in the history of Green Fox, and they are already preparing for their final exams in August 2022. 19 mentors support them in learning programming, preparing for real work situations, practicing agile methodology and continuous self-training techniques. On top of that, we put a great emphasis on the development of English language knowledge, online teamwork and personal competences. Thanks to this comprehensive training program, our graduates can be successful in an international environment."

- added Kristóf Bárdos, CEO of Green Fox Academy.

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Kristóf Bárdos
Kristóf defines himself as a socially sensitive tech entrepreneur, who experiments with non(less) hierarchical structures, de-centralised social collaboration and distributed, employee ownership models. Earlier, he spent over a decade in the tech startup scene, while he was founding and closing startups, working for SMEs and corporations through product development agencies in 3 continents. He also co-founded an accelerator house to bring CEE startups to global markets. In recent years, he has turned his attention towards mentorship and project-based education and the social impact of these ventures.

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