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Long-term motivation: why corporate IT training is important


One of the biggest obstacles to business growth is the lack of suitable IT professionals. Specific courses that are tailored to the needs of companies do not only make the recruitment process more efficient but also reduce learning time significantly while also boosting employee motivation. The chief executive officer of Green Fox Academy, Kristóf Bárdos shares his experiences on the practical benefits of the courses.

Digital transformation gained huge momentum last year. The pandemic required rapid decision-making and reaction from market players. One of the main requirements for companies is flexibility, and it has the utmost importance when it comes to temporary projects and the need to fill temporary staff shortages quickly.

In such cases, it is common for companies to recruit for specific hard skills, or even a whole team. The transfer of knowledge about the stack, framework, tools and platforms used by companies basically requires them to maintain an internal academy. This knowledge, however, can be perfectly integrated into external courses providing company-specific knowledge for junior professionals. 

“A special and highly effective type of IT courses is when we organize a course with a company on a specific platform. In this case, the most significant advantage is that we aim at career-starters who want to work in that environment, with that specific platform. Before the courses, we work jointly with our development and HR colleagues to tailor the curriculum to the needs, whether it's a technology change, a new programming language or reskilling” explained Kristóf.

The methodology focuses on practice, and team members coming out of the course can immediately start working on a project. This makes the on-boarding of junior colleagues plannable and predictable.

“When a junior employee joins an organisation, they go through an on-boarding period of about 1–3 months, which is mainly about getting to know the systems. We can completely integrate this knowledge into our courses – both on technology and on a specific platform –, replacing thereby the internal on-boarding process”

continues Kristóf.

At the same time, it can be a competitive advantage for the company if, in addition to colleagues working in the development area, employees responsible for other areas, such as sales or marketing, also understand the process of digital product development. If possessing the right skills, they can even automate the no-code, low-code processes they know best. As a result, they can become one of the drivers of the company's digitalisation. The current level of the employees' knowledge and the relevant skills may vary even within a company and therefore require specific solutions.

Kristóf also talks in detail about the practical benefits of corporate IT training in the latest episode of Bitport CIO’s podcast. Click here, and listen to the full conversation (it is in Hungarian)! 

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