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Hello IT! for Women - Exciting journeys towards IT careers


In 2021 July, we launched our free, online, basic level IT support course called "Hello IT! for Women" in cooperation with INCO Academy - Work in Tech and with the support of Through the program, we are helping 300 women to prepare for the challenges of digitalization.

We were very curious, what is it like to be a part of a program, which was launched in 17 European countries with the help of local organizations to help 9,500 people to take the first step towards a stable career, so we asked some of our learners to tell us more about themselves and their journey to IT field. 

Let’s know more about our super motivated students from these rapid interviews!

Our first student is Ágnes, who has become increasingly committed to IT as digitalization hits all kinds of companies. Ágnes, please tell us a little bit about yourself!

I have been working in the language industry for years. The related work processes and project management are becoming more and more technical and I also worked for specific technology (development) companies, so I had to have a basic technological knowledge. IT knowledge is also necessary for my further career goals - and digital literacy is quite important nowadays. In my life outside of work, I try to live “offline” as much as possible - friends, nature, books, riding school, gym.

Why did you apply to join this IT support course? 

The reason why I joined may sound funny. In the past years I had to buy a few notebooks that I always tried to push onto my colleagues or "friends in IT", as I had no clue how to select a good one. And I finally got fed up with the frustration every purchase meant to me and wanted to become an informed customer and understand the RAMs and SSDs.

Okay, there was one more thing. My role at my current workplace was about to change  and include more technical tasks, like implementing the middleware that we develop. And I thought that for this a more advanced IT knowledge cannot harm.

How did you fend off distractions while doing this course?

I dedicate longer hours at the weekend to do the weekly tasks, and to watch the videos and take notes. I need complete silence and my kitten purring on my lap.

What surprised you the most about your experience as part of the course?

What surprised me most about the course is that you can really enjoy watching people talking about hard core IT stuff! The instructors really explain things with so much enthusiasm that you cannot help becoming enthusiastic yourself!

Our second student is Andi, a very brave career changer mother. Andi, please tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am 36 years old, a communicative and cheerful woman, soon to be a mother of 4 children. I was a German language teacher but I left my career. Before the arrival of our third child, I worked in a large multinational company as a back office support in an IT project. I enjoyed the knowledge I gained there, the work was interesting and challenging. I am determined to gain more knowledge and dive deeper into the world of IT so that by the time my fourth child starts kindergarten, I would like to find a job in the IT sector where I  feel most like home.

Why did you apply to join the course?

Though I have a degree as a teacher in biology and German, in 2017 I decided to try a job with an outsourcing IT Company, as a member of the global account management team. I really liked this back office IT support work, and I decided to change my career into this direction. After the birth of my third child in 2020 I grabbed every opportunity for deepening my IT knowledge, in the hope that I will have a higher chance in the labor market later. I want to get a well-paid part-time job with regular home-office possibilities.


How do you fend off distractions?

It's really hard to fend off distractions while studying, but since I downloaded the Coursera application from Google Play Store, I can hear and watch the videos on my smartphone during any household activity in any room of the house. If a video is difficult to follow this way, I slow down the sound to 0.75x speed, turn on the transcript and try to focus more. It occurs that I stagnate for some time, but I don't give up.


What surprised you most?

After 2010, staying at home with kids I could not keep up with the fast development of IT, so I joined this course with high expectations. Both I and my husband, who is a network engineer, were really surprised about how clearly and deeply the course describes the processes and it does not only give the basic knowledge about fields of IT. Sometimes the course goes really deep into a field, but most surprising was that even this way I found the course not easy but good to follow.

Our third student is Judit, an experienced coordinator in the banking area, with a strong interest in IT. Judit, please tell us a little bit about yourself!

I live in Budapest, I was born here too. I am a credit institution economist and have been working in the banking sector for more than 10 years. In addition to IT, I love cats, Excel spreadsheets and DIY. I like to discover and learn new things. 

Why did you apply to join this IT support course?

I did apply to join this IT support course because last year, during the pandemic, I started to realize my dreams of learning programming (#MyFirstApp Coding Camp) and IT operations courses. I've always been interested in how things and processes work and I'm absolutely tech-savvy. I'm a Green Fox Academy fan and have attended several Info and coding nights with you over the years and follow your courses and activity so I found this course and felt it was made for me.


What's a funny habit you have while studying from home?

I have a beautiful cat, Cleo. She is my roommate and usually sits or sleeps on my laptop while I am studying. She regularly looks into the camera during mentor times and while we are talking she is constantly trying to participate and get our attention. I think she's becoming a power user too. Of course, when I would like to take a picture with her, she doesn't look into the camera, because she's a cat and no one can tell her when to look there.


How do you feel taking part in this IT support course?

I am having a great time on the course, it has been a great learning community during the mentor time. I learn a lot from the others and learning together helps us through the difficult times. I am really enjoying this course and I am sorry that it is coming to the end, I would love to continue learning. I can apply what I have learnt in my work, but also in my home learning. I have improved a lot and learnt new things.

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