What makes low-code a booming technology?
Trends, myths and misconceptions
January 18 2022 (Tuesday), 18:30 pm - 19:30 pm CET
online (Facebook)

Looking for a new career?

Are you planning to start a new career this year? Are you looking for the IT career path that suits you the best? Have you heard a lot about low-code but you still have many questions? Join our roundtable discussion with top speakers from the field!

Why is it worth talking about?

The company Forrester came up with the low-code concept in 2014, which meant a true revolution for the IT sector. Gartner, a technology consultancy, estimated that the low-code market grew by 23% only in 2021, reaching a value of $13.8 billion last year. Some current predictions estimate that by 2024, up to 65 percent of application development will take place on low-code platforms. The new trend has a significant impact on the job market too: creating a huge demand for low-code developers.

Join us for our roundtable discussion and get insights into:
  • What is low-code and what are the most common misconceptions about it?

  • What are the current predictions for the future of the low-code market?

  • Which low-code technologies are the leaders in our region?

  • How high is the demand for low-code developers? 

  • What kind of companies are using low-code platforms and what for?

  • What are the career opportunities for a low-code developer?

  • What skills do you need to become a good low-code developer? 

  • What does an ordinary day of a low-code developer look like?


CEO and Co-founder, Green Fox Academy
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Before co-founding Green Fox, he spent over a decade in the tech startup scene, while he was founding and closing startups, working for SMEs and corporations through his product development agency in 3 continents. He also co-founded an accelerator house to bring CEE startups to global markets. He is also a Co-Founder of SocialFokus Foundation, which has conducted comprehensive research on changes in the job market and the future of work. 

In recent years, Kristóf has turned his attention towards mentorship and project-based education and the social impact of the ventures.

Technology Manager at Accenture

Jiri is Manager of Accenture's Danubia Salesforce Practice (Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania). His main speciality is Salesforce and multi-cloud arhitecture (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud). He has 16 years of experience with cloud technologies. His focus are regulated industries: Banking, Insurance, Communications, Energy & Utilities, Life Sciences & Healthcare. He studied Fintech at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Artificial Intelligence at University of Oxford.

Developer Advocate at Salesforce

Philippe Ozil is a Developer Advocate at Salesforce. In addition to his current role, Philippe has close to a decade-long experience in developer relations. In his day-to-day job, he experiments with the latest technologies and produces technical content to empower developer communities. He is a full stack developer, an Open Source contributor and a DevOps expert. Before working in developer relations, Philippe was a consultant and a developer for various software vendors.

Moderator of the event

Serving as the moderator for the discussion, Katus Bartos is an Art of Hosting practitioner who regularly facilitates workshops for clients for strategic purposes. She also hosts Pro-Action and World Café style events and is part of the Hungarian Citizen’s Assembly facilitator team. Beyond all that, Katus is working as a freelance marketing consultant and copywriter too.

A 10 mítosz, amit körbejárunk:

  • Hiányszakma itthon és világszinten is
  • Nem feltétlen szükséges hozzá diploma
  • Rugalmas munkaidő, homeoffice
  • Magas fizetés
  • Az íróasztalon túl is van élet: csocsó, relax szoba, ésatöbbi
  • Nem csak magányos küzdelem az elemekkel
  • Folyamatos fejlődés, tanulás, tudásmegosztás
  • Kreatív, alkotó tevékenység
  • Nem férfiszakma
  • Lehet, hogy mi nem gondoltunk mindenre? Hozz te is egy mítoszt, amit szeretnél, ha körbejárnánk!:)

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