Learn programming while working at our Part-time Full-Stack Developer Course!

Next course expected start date: 24 February 2020
Application deadline: 26 January 2020

What do we do?

About us – in a nutshell

Green Fox Academy is a bootcamp providing career change courses to motivated people who want to become junior software developers. Our professional team and methodology help you to start a new and exciting career.

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More than 520 Green Fox graduates
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If you can't find a job in IT within 6 months after graduation we refund 100% of your tuition fee.


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Who is this course for?

Change your career while working!

We have been working long to make our super intensive Junior Developer Course available to people who have not had the opportunity to attend the course yet – because of time or other constraints, for example not being able to leave their previous workplace.

How long is the programme?

3 modules, 720 contact hours

Similarly to our 4.5-month-long Junior Developer Course, this course also contains 3 modules: Foundation, Orientation and Project module. It is not obligatory to complete the whole course: if you only want to learn the basics, it is enough to attend the Foundation module. The 3 modules contain 720 contact hours and at least 64 hours of homework.

The modules are built on each other and contain the same curriculum, as well as the same soft skill trainings than our full-time course. The only difference lies in the timetable. In case of the part-time course, classes are held on a weekday evening and on one day of the weekend. This way, the Foundation module and the Orientation module both last for 4 month, while the Project module is expected to take 8 months.

How much time is required for the course?

Working & studying

The training occupies at least 2 evenings per week + 1 whole day of the weekend. The training itself that you have to attend in person takes 1 x 3 hours on a weekday evening and 1 x 8 hours during the weekend. Furthermore, you have to count with at least 2 hours of homework per week.

The exact schedule of the Project module is going to be planned after learning about the needs of admitted students. We expect to have a higher intensity during this module, with classes on several weekday evenings.

IMPORTANT: If you would like to participate at our part-time course but with a different schedule, apply and send us your preferences on the registration form. We’ll do our best to start a class with a schedule suitable to your needs as soon as possible.


You can complete our Junior Developer Course in three modules, with one module after the other.

You can pay for the modules in instalments of 124,750 HUF +VAT every 4 weeks. You have to pay the first instalment 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the course.

Foundation module (TypeScript)

499.000 + VAT

If you want to learn the foundation of programming while working.

Module expected start date: 24 February 2020

Orientation module (Full-stack)

499.000 + VAT

Reach an advanced level in programming while working.

Project module (Front-end, Back-end, Full-stack)

998.000 Ft + VAT

If you want to prepare for a career change while staying at your current workplace.

Further details

  • In order to keep the flexible nature of the course, you can apply to 1 module at a time. First, you can apply for the Foundation module. If you pass the exam at the end of the module, you can move on to the Orientation module.
  • Modules are starting continuously, as soon as we have 20 students for a class.
  • If you want to take part in our part-time course, you have to complete a 5-step admission process – just like with our Junior Developer Course. This process takes approximately 2 weeks. The reason is that we would like to choose applicants we think are capable of completing this course and will have a similar pace of development.
  • During the course we do not exclusively focus on coding. We also develop important soft skills, for example communication and presentation skills, stress management, cooperation and teamwork. It is important for us that our students find their place at their future workplace, where these skills have a significant added value. That is why a dedicated organizational psychologist works with each class.
  • If you already know the basics of programming and you would like to join the Orientation module, send an email to our address: hello@greenfoxacademy.com.

Finanszírozási opciók

Előfinanszírozás elhelyezkedés segítésével

  • 990 ezer forint + áfa
  • A képzés sikeres elvégzése után segítünk az elhelyezkedésben
    min. bruttó 340.000 Ft kezdőfizetésért
  • Fizetés 2 részletben: 50% a szerződés aláírásakor, 50% június 7-ig

Utófinanszírozás elhelyezkedés segítésével

  • 1 290 ezer forint + áfa
  • A képzés sikeres elvégzése után segítünk az elhelyezkedésben
    min. bruttó 340.000 Ft kezdőfizetésért
  • Fizetés: 100.000 Ft + ÁFA a szerződés aláírásakor, a képzés elvégzése után pedig 18 hónapon keresztül havi 66.112 Ft + ÁFA (első részlet a kurzus vége után legkésőbb 3 hónappal)

Elhelyezés nélkül

  • 1 590 ezer forint + áfa
  • A képzés után nem kéred a segítségünket az elhelyezkedésben, és a szerződés szerint a képzés utolsó napjától számított fél éven belül nem lesz lehetőséged elhelyezkedni a Green Fox partnercégeinél
  • Fizetés 2 részletben: 50% a szerződés aláírásakor, 50% június 7-ig

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Next course expected start date: 24 February 2020Application deadline: 26 January 2020