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Hello IT! for Women course

Jelentkezési határidő: 2022. március 16.

Kurzus indulása: 2022. július 11.

Next course expected to start: October 2022


Az INCO Academy - Work in Tech program keretében az INCO szervezésében indított Hello IT! for Women kurzus célja, hogy segítsen felkészülni a digitalizáció kihívásaira. A kurzus elvégzésével belépő szintű IT tudást szerezhetsz.

As part of the INCO Academy - Work in Tech program, with the support of and Coursera we have launched Hello IT! for Women course which is designed to help you prepare for the challenges of digitization, learn the basics of the IT world and get future-proof knowledge to start a new life and career. By completing the course, you will gain entry-level IT knowledge.

Part time IT course for women

The INCO Academy - Work in Tech program aims to increase equal access in future-proof industries.

According to Eurostat, the proportion of female employees in IT in Hungary is only around 10%, while numerous researches prove that diverse teams work more efficiently. Our Hello IT! for Women program is for women who want to learn more about the IT world, or take the first step toward their new career.

It’s a part-time course, so even if you are raising a child or you have a full-time job/or you have to work, you can learn the basics of IT by completing our program.

Get a future-proof basic knowledge of IT in our fully funded training program

100% online, so you can join from anywhere
With the support of Green Fox Academy's mentors
Getting Google IT Support Professional Certificate
Studying together with other brave Ukrainian women in a motivating environment
Entirely free
No degree or experience required, learn at your own pace

What knowledge will you gain during the course?

  • You can acquire the skills required for an entry-level IT job.
  • You can become a real power user: you can gain a high degree of insight from problem identification to troubleshooting.
  • Get to know the basic IT support tasks.
  • You can learn to use basic IT systems like Linux.

Important details about the course

  • Online, free program
  • It can be completed part-time (20-25 hours per week)
  • Kurzus hossza: 2-4 hónap
  • 150+ hours of curriculum and exercises
  • Multiple hours of consultation per week (the mentor answers any questions you may have to help you)
  • As part of the program, we also provide 3x2 hours of soft skill trainings
  • Entry-level course, no degree or pre-qualification required

2021-es programunk lezárult, több jelentkezőt sajnos már nem tudunk fogadni. Amennyiben szeretnél értesülni hasonló kurzusaink indulásáról, iratkozz fel listánkra az oldal alján!

What will you need to join the program?

  • Your own laptop/PC
  • Stable internet connection
  • Kurzus hossza: 2-4 hónap
  • Staying in Hungary
  • At least intermediate knowledge of English
  • Applicants over the age of 18 are welcome to apply

2021-es programunk lezárult, több jelentkezőt sajnos már nem tudunk fogadni. Amennyiben szeretnél értesülni hasonló kurzusaink indulásáról, iratkozz fel listánkra az oldal alján!

About the course - 5 modules


Technical support basics

In this section, we introduce you to the world of information technology. You will learn about the different building blocks of IT, such as computer hardware and software, the Internet, troubleshooting, and customer service. This module covers a variety of IT topics to give you an insight into everything that awaits you during the course.


Network basics

In this module you can get a comprehensive overview of computer networks. It will cover the basics of modern networking technologies and protocols, cloud-based applications, and network troubleshooting.


Operating systems

Become an expert user of operating systems. Through video tutorials and hands-on exercises, you can learn about the components of operating systems and learn how to perform tasks such as setting up softwares, hardwares, and users.


System management

A system operator is a person who maintains multi-user computer units. In this module, you will learn about the infrastructure services that are essential to most organizations today. We introduce cloud-based services, so you will be able to set up typical cloud infrastructures as well as servers and manage resources on your own.


IT security

In the last section, you will learn about IT security principles, tools, and good practices. We present a wide range of threats and attacks, as well as the background of encryption algorithms for their prevention. Network security solutions such as firewalls and Wifi encryption, and how to use them at home and at work will also be discussed.

How is the selection done?

During the application process, you will have to make a video presentation about yourself on an online platform, in which we will test your English language skills and motivation, primarily to provide an opportunity for those who are committed to completing the program.

Our mentors

Extra information about the course

  • Since the introduction of the Google IT Support Professional Certificate in 2018, 82% of students who have completed the course have reported a positive change in their career, such as a new job, promotion, or salary increase within 6 months.
  • The course includes 100+ hours of curriculum and hundreds of practice-based solutions to help simulate real workplace IT support situations.
  • The content is highly interactive, developed by Google with decades of experience.
  • Skills to be learned: Network protocols, cloud computing, Windows operating system, Linux command line, system administration, encryption algorithms, and techniques.

Why is this program special for us?

Erről mesél Fachs Anita, a magyarországi operációnk vezetője.

About the program

Organized by INCO and supported by and Coursera, the INCO Academy - Work in Tech program collaborates with local organizations in 17 European countries to help 9500 workers on the way to a stable career whose employability is at risk as a result of digitization.

We were happy to join the initiative as the Hungarian partner, since our aim has always been to help as many motivated talents as possible to build a future-proof career.

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